Pregnancy pt.1

Pregnancy Pt. 1

I remember taking my first pregnancy test. Scared. Nervous. Excited all at the same time. My husband was going to bed and I told him that I was three days late. He thought that we should wait a few more days before taking one, but me? I had a feeling. Did I believe it? Not completely. I needed to know. I didn’t want to wait a few more days before taking a test. You see for a few days before I had that crampy feeling you get, when “that time of the month” was suppose to start. Well it never came. It was three days late. So I decided to go to the store. I returned home, with my friend and took my test. Positive. I remember just staring at the test in disbelief. How could it be positive? Now we weren’t exactly careful. We were just doing the “whatever happens, happens” type of thing.  At that point I had been off of birth control for 7 months. We had been married just over a month when I found out. Married August 8th, 2014. Found out I was pregnant September 15th. I was in disbelief. Honestly I thought that maybe I couldn’t get pregnant. I mean, I had been off of birth control for 7 months. We never used protection.. I also felt excited, scared, nervous. Excited because I have always known I wanted kids. Excited because what is more happy than finding out you are going to be a mother. Something that you have dreamed about. Scared what my parents would say. Why? I don’t know. I was 24 when I found out I was pregnant with daughter. I was an adult. I was married. I had lived on my own for a few years. Scared and nervous because the idea of being responsible for someone other than yourself is terrifying. I had a nausea spell a day or so before I had found out. Well taking that test sure did explain that one, haha,. I didn’t really get horribly sick though. And that always scared me. I would go a few days where I would throw up once, and then go a few days where I didn’t get sick at all. This went on throughout the whole pregnancy. It made me nervous when I had spells of not getting sick. Was that a bad sign? Was it normal? I found myself doing tons of reading about pregnancy, symptoms, and how everything just isn’t black and white when it comes to it. I had morning sickness throughout the whole thing. Not to bad though just came in waves. If I ate too much, if I got to hot, stuff like that.

I had preterm labor with my daughter. At 34 weeks I was having contractions. Earlier that day I had some cramping that felt like light period cramps, some nausea. Needless to say when I got home from work and the contractions weren’t subsiding I decided to go in. It turned out that was a good call, it took them a while to get my contractions stopped, and I got put on medication to take daily until I hit 37 weeks. I hit 37 weeks, stopped taking the medication and guess what happened. Nothing. She decided to wait until 3 days before her due date. Yes she was still early, but not as early as we thought she was going to be, even my doctor was surprised. I mean, its not like I work a job where I’m sitting all day. I am on my feet about ten hours a day.

Labor. Now that’s another story.


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